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IEEM is able to offer a range of services to those looking to organize events targeting trade. These range from registration services (where we may offer an rsvp and recall service) and assistance with promotion and preparation of materials, to the full set-up and organization of the events which may include any of the following: 
Working along side you to study the aims of the event, IEEM and IEM will use their experience and creativity to formulate a personalized proposal to meet the goals in the most efficient and effective way. The core of our work and the reason for our continued success is our great understanding of trade show industry and promotion events. This enables IEM and IEEM to deliver an experience, for both the exhibitors as the visitors, unlike any other.
  • Planning
  • Active Trade Lists
  • Invitations and Promotion
  • PR
  • RSVP
  • Registration
  • Post event
IEEM events range from large trade show to a small seminar or luncheon.  IEEM works with hotels, restaurants, event spaces, and caterers. 
  • Scouting Locations
  • A written recommendation of suggested venues will be provided for each city and market.
  • Negotiation of contracts for facilities and vendors (to be approved by client)
  • Acting as liaison with event locations
  • Logistics management – Set-up, fastidious oversight and coordination of event
  • Creating timelines for payments and deadlines
  • Staffing for registration at events
  • Establishing partnerships with sponsors, based on needs of the client/location.
  • Coordinate with shipping companies, storages and sending presentational items to event sites.
IEEM has active trade lists in the top markets around the world, including :
  • USA (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York, as well as Dallas, Seattle, Washington, DC, BVoston, Las Vegas,  Palm Beach and Miami, among others)
  • Canada (Vancuver, Montreal, Toronto)
  • Europe (all countries)
  • Latin America ( Mexico DF, Brazil Sao Paolo)
  • Asia (Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Macau, Tokyo, Singapore, New Delhi, Mumbai and other),Russia ( Moscow, St Petersburg)
  • Cruise Liners (Carnival Cruise Lines,  Royal Caribbean,  Norwegian Cruise Line, Holland America, Disney Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Silver Sea Cruise)
Trade lists can be broken down for clients needs (media, trade, consumer)
  • IEEM is aware the success of a trade event is based primarily upon the quality of the attendees, rather than the quantity.  Success is perceived both by the exhibitor AND the attendee.  For the exhibitor, the goal is to interface with key buyers and initiate or develop relationships.  For the attendees, the intent is to experience the quality of the newly declared vintage. 
Printed Invitations and Catalogues:
  • IEEM  will recommend a reasonably-priced printer for the design, layout and printing of all materials.
  • Mailing and /or distribution of invitations can be arranged
Email Invitations:
  • Email blasts
  • Personalized e-mails
  • Event is listed in calendar section of numerous online trade event and press calendars.
  • Event listed at www.iem.it and www.ieemusa.com
  • IEEM understands the importance of personalized reach to the key visitors, this is why our office follows up by phone to assure the invitation was received
  • IEEM offers a recall to all registered visitors to remind them of the event and to assure the turnout at the event is maximized 
  • IEEM can send press releases to and establish relationship with local media in targeted market
  • IEEM can devise a press-specific events to maximize media coverage
  • IEEM handles all invitation and rsvp management.
    • Dedicated e-mail RSVP address
    • Dedicated phone line
    • Fax line
    • Follow-up calls to targeted, non-responsive invitees
  • IEEM prepares all check-in materials for the event: check-in lists, name tags (color-coded by category) and badge holders.  
  • IEEM provides follow-up mailing and email lists of event attendees after each event with: first and last name, company , position, trade category, event
  • IEEM provides follow-up of the RSVPs on a weekly basis
  • IEEM prepares all necessary materials for the registration desk and manages the desk during the event (lay out of info material etc)
  • IEEM team selects only professional and experienced hostesses for the registration to assure quick and accurate registration of the visitors
  • IEEM team is trained to stop non-trade visitors to enter the event and to identify members of media or VIP visitors (should they receive special instructions)
  • IEEM team has experience in handling the registration for members of press
  • IEEM team provides to designated member of your team a count on entered trade professionals every hour or often if requested
  • IEEM can provide a complete report on event and copies of published material
  • IEEM can provide visitors’ feed back if requested